Join us in bringing together local friends and family to unplug and get outside. Let’s discover our amazing backyards — from national treasures like the Appalachian Trail to new local and regional parks.


Whether hiking, walking the dog, or watching a sunset, just being outdoors can make you feel energized and alive. Improve your outlook, focus, immune system, vision, and reduce your stress.


Crafting an active lifestyle covers physical, mental, & social wellbeing. Getting together with folks and families in your community, go for a walk, maybe play at the local park, just hang out. See the idea?


Many of us moved to Western Loudoun for the rural, natural beauty. It provides so much for us. And yet, it also needs our help to keep it clean and healthy. So let’s learn how we can both give and receive.


We are blessed with countless local, regional, and national parks nearby. And it’s growing! Round Hill is expanding its local parks by leaps and bounds. Need motivation or basic know-how to explore these gems? That’s why we’re here!


The Appalachian Trail travels nearly 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine, right past your backyard. We have a special focus to support the A.T., our local trail club PATC, and bring this treasure to our community and schools


Did You Know? Virginia’s #1 in Miles

Virginia has the longest stretch of the Appalachian Trail, covering 554 miles and ranging in elevation from 265 to 5,500 feet. That’s more than the 13 other states the trail covers. Get started on your trek with one of our recommended hikes.



Unplug. Get Outside. Show how it happens. Connect the dots.

To inspire the good people of Round Hill, VA to get outdoors together and make our community stronger, healthier and happier. To make it happen through local hikes, walks, and events. To connect the dots: local parks, local organizations, schools, teachers, parents, kids, & fellow travelers.

Get Outside Together

It’s simple. We get together. We go outside. It can be a hike, a walk around town, a nature or local history lesson, bringing frisbees to a local park. Not a big production. Just simple, old-fashioned hanging out — outside.

Events & Celebrations

What’s life without a good party? A few times a year, we’ll pull together events for the community to showcase all this greatness around us whether it’s the Appalachian Trail, camping and hiking, local parks, or anything inspiring we discover along the way.

Educational Outreach

A lot of people don’t know. A lot of people want to know more. And we have a bunch of incredible teachers and schools doing the good work already. We will help to hook all these ideas and people together — the adults, the kids, the young-at-heart.

Service Projects

There are so many local organizations doing amazing work to preserve the great outdoors for us. Why not get together with them and help make more magic? That’s just what we’ll do, by helping willing volunteers and local groups find each other.

Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace principles were developed to guide our outdoor explorations and minimize our impact on the environment. We strive to weave these principles into our own activities, events, and teaching.


We will explore ways to responsibly use and protect our natural resources through conservation and sustainable practices. Quite simply, we’ll constantly look for ways to mindfully leave Round Hill and Loudoun County better than we found it.