Did You Know? PATC

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to the conservation of the natural resources and the Appalachian Trail for over 100 years. Here are some interesting facts about the club:

  1. Founded in 1927, the club maintains over 1,000 miles of hiking trails, including 240 miles of the Appalachian Trail, making it one of the largest trail-maintaining organizations in the United States.
  2. The club operates 7 cabins, 4 shelters, and 1 lodge along the Appalachian Trail, providing hikers with safe and affordable accommodations while enjoying the great outdoors.
  3. In addition to trail maintenance, the club offers educational programs, workshops, and guided hikes to help hikers of all skill levels learn more about the Appalachian Trail and the surrounding natural environment.
  4. The club is made up of over 6,000 members who share a passion for hiking, conservation, and the Appalachian Trail. Members can volunteer for trail maintenance projects, attend social events, and connect with other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  5. The club’s headquarters are located in Vienna, Virginia, and include a bookstore and a museum dedicated to the history and conservation of the Appalachian Trail.

Overall, the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club is an important organization that plays a key role in preserving the natural beauty of the Appalachian Trail and promoting outdoor recreation and education.

Appalachian Trail Festival Planning Meeting

Join us for a planning meeting for the upcoming Round Hill/Hillsboro Appalachian Trail Festival. We’re looking for volunteers to help make this year’s festival the best one yet.

At the meeting, we’ll discuss ideas for the festival, including food, entertainment, games, and activities. We’ll need help with everything from coordinating vendors & volunteers to designing the festival layout. So if you have any ideas or skills that you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you.

Whether you’re an experienced event planner or simply interested in getting involved in your community, we welcome your ideas and enthusiasm. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of something great and make a difference in your community.

We hope to see you there!

Did You Know? ATC in Harper’s Ferry

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office is located in nearby Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, which is also the headquarters for the National Park Service’s Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

Did You Know? Unique Plants & Animals

The Appalachian Trail is home to many unique plant and animal species, including the white-tailed deer, black bear, and the endangered Virginia big-eared bat. It is also home to the largest salamander in the world, the hellbender, which can grow up to two feet long.

Nature Inspires: 6th Annual Appalachian Trail Art Show

Nature Inspires: 6th Annual Appalachian Trail Art Show

Are you looking for inspiration? Perhaps you’ll find it in the artists of all ages who submitted their work to the 6th Annual Round Hill Appalachian Trail Art Show.

You might be wondering, why does Round Hill have an A.T. art show in the first place? Well, since Round Hill became an official A.T. Community, we’re committed to promoting and protecting the A.T. and all the other beautiful green spaces that surround our town. One way we do this is by helping people see the beauty of nature.

And let me tell you, the wealth of talent and creativity among our local artists is truly remarkable. They’ve captured the beauty of the A.T. and the wild nature all around us in their stunning works. Every year, the show keeps getting better, and we’re proud to showcase the amazing talent in our community.

You can see this year’s art show in person at the Round Hill Arts Center through March 12th, or you can view entries in the online gallery on our website. And if you’re feeling inspired, why not participate in our “People’s Choice” competition? Visit the Arts Center or go online to select up to five works that you think best capture the spirit of the Appalachian Trail and the beauties of nature. The winners will be displayed at the upcoming Round Hill/Hillsboro Appalachian Trail Festival on June 10th:

So what makes you want to “get outside”? Is it the feeling of the sun on your face, the smell of fresh pine, or the sound of a babbling brook? Whatever it may be, we hope the Round Hill A.T. Festival can help you connect with nature and find your inspiration.